Participation in project “IYI – Improving the quality of international youth projects”

Our organization is participating in international project  “IYI – Improving the quality of international youth projects”, which is organized by Youth Centre for non-formal education – CnC from Croatia.

“IYI-Improving the quality of international youth projects” is a training course, which aims  to improve quality of the international youth projects by providing to project organizers the skills, knowledge’s and tools to manage the process of defining, preparing, implementing and evaluating projects within the Youth in Action Programme. During 9 days, 36 participants coming from 10 EU and SEE countries (Romania, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Portugal,  Croatia, Serbia) will share experiences and information in the field of implementing and managing youth projects.  The participants will gain practical skills and knowledge how to develop project ideas, transform them into concrete YiA projects and, finally, implement and evaluate them. The main theme of the project is European awareness. The project objectives are: to develop competencies of working in international teams with special attention on equal partnership and communication; to consider the role and purpose of project management in YiA projects; to design tools and share working methods which can be put into practice after the course; to learn to apply the intercultural learning as an approach/methodology in the work with young people from different cultural backgrounds; to provide knowledge on the Youth in Action programme focusing on its priorities, possibilities and to explore the understanding of the quality aspects. The organizers will hold the TC in Osjiek, Croatia and provide basic knowledge and information about the YiA programme, as well they will involve people with experience in this field who will guide the participants through the learning process.

Information and organization: Youth Centre for non-formal education – CnC from Croatia

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