Youth in Action contribution to youth employment – a new project compendium just published

European Commission logoOne in five young people in Europe cannot find a job. The lack of quality employment opportunities threatens an increasing number of young people with a sense of exclusion

There is no single remedy, but there is a need for wide-ranging efforts to seek solutions. The EU programme Youth in Action is a valuable part of these efforts, with its focus on learning through experience. A newly published brochure ‘Youth Employment’ gives some examples of how non-formal learning and Youth in Action contribute to building up young people’s knowledge and skills, and give them a glimpse of what it requires to seek and hold down a job or to become an entrepreneur.

It makes them more employable. It also shows how this sector is countering youth unemployment and helping young people get back on track — particularly those who for one reason or another are marginalised or discriminated against, who lack confidence in themselves, or who have little sense of engagement in society. The programme contributes to achieving social cohesion in society at large, by supporting the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

These are snapshots of some of the 40 000 Youth in Action projects that, in the last five years, have offered a path for young people towards making positive choices about their own lives, their own futures and their own place in society and in Europe. The projects in this brochure demonstrate how Youth in Action empowers young people, giving them the chance to transform themselves to take on a role in the job market, with its evolving demands for adaptability and resourcefulness. Its fundamental aim is to instil into young people a sense of autonomy, confidence and the conviction that they have a role in society and a voice in how it is shaped. This helps them manage the transition from school to work — and ultimately to play their part in Europe.

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